January 31, 2018

Winter White: White Jeans Outfit for Winter

Similar Hat // Similar Scarf // Cashmere Sweater // White Jeans // Gold Sneakers

A white jeans outfit is the best weapon you have in your transitional-dressing arsenal, especially when it’s still freezing in March, but you’re longing for spring. But your favorite white skinnies don’t have to sit in the back of your closet all winter long waiting for a warmer day.

Forget the “no white after Labor Day” rule, and embrace the power of wearing white in winter. It’s crisp, fresh, and will help you mix up your cold-weather outfits so you don’t get bored with endless all-black looks.

Here’s four ways to make it work.

How to wear white jeans in the winter

ONE // Pair With Neutrals

Either gray or camel make a great combination with your white jeans outfit on a cold winter day. I also think that navy can be considered a neutral in this case, and a good navy sweater would look great with your white jeans, as long as you keep your shoes and coat either matching navy or neutral in color.

Brighter colors like red, or even deep colors like black or burgundy can look a bit strange with white jeans in the winter, even though a red top with white shorts can look great in summer. I think neutrals work better for the colder seasons, and your outfit is less likely to look overly busy or like you tried too hard.

How to wear white jeans in the winter

TWO // Add Cold-Weather Accessories

Keep white seasonally appropriate by pairing your white jeans with cold-weather accessories like a hat a scarf. You’re not trying to look like it’s actually warm outside! The right textured knit, whether it’s your sweater, scarf, or hat – or all three – can go a long way toward making white jeans look winter-appropriate.

Mix up the texture of your look with a combination of smooth and cable knits, and accessories in suede and leather. Camel-colored or gray suede boots or booties are great with white jeans when it’s too cold for a sneaker, loafer, or ballet flat. I love these and just ordered these!

How to wear white jeans in the winter

THREE // Inject A Single Color

In the summer, wearing white isn’t exactly a statement, but when it’s cold, white can read much more like a color than a neutral. For that reason, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit simple, with just a small pop of color to keep from looking bland. Here, I’ve chosen the pink in my scarf, and would likely pair this with a camel coat.

A colorful coat can be a fun way to style your white jeans for the winter, though, as long as you keep the rest of your outfit pretty plain.

How to wear white jeans in the winter

How to wear white jeans in the winter

FOUR // Layers

Layers are pretty much the key to any cold-weather outfit, and your winter white jeans outfit is no exception. Whether you’re piling on a wrap over your sweater or a button-down under it, add another layer of texture to your outfit to keep it interesting. Especially when you step indoors and out of the cold, you still want your outfit to look great without your coat on top, so consider the details.

A big, bulky blanket scarf can stay around your neck, or be draped around you like a wrap – and almost any color will work if you pair the scarf with a neutral top. For example, I could easily swap the camel and pink scarf I’m wearing here for something like this (which I just bought on sale and LOVE) which could serve as both my layer and a pop of color.

How to wear white jeans in the winter

How to wear white jeans in the winter

Own it! White is appropriate for all seasons, so don’t let the colder weather stop you from wearing your favorite white skinnies even when it’s chilly.

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How do you like to style your white jeans outfit for the winter months? 

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