April 7, 2017

What I Eat in a Day

A look at the healthy meals I eat each day

Today’s post is the first update on my new health and fitness routine. I’m working on eating more plant-based meals, less refined sugar and white carbs, and finding a more healthy balance. For the past few months, I’ve been indulging in absolutely everything all the time. I wasn’t at home in my normal routine for two weeks of April, which made it even more difficult to stay on track. I can’t even tell you how many deep fried things I’ve eaten or how much beer I’ve consumed.

I reached a point where I looked in the mirror and could not believe how terrible I looked. I used to be stick thin without trying, but it seems that my unhealthy habits have finally caught up with me over the past two years. I’ve tried to make healthy changes in the past, but I always try to ease myself into it so that I don’t get burnt out on the idea, and I just end up forgetting about it. This time I’m jumping in with both feet; no easing my way slowly into working out and eating better.

As of right now, I’m just trying as many different healthy options as I can to keep things interesting and figure out what I like. I didn’t know that I like black beans, red cabbage, summer squash…I could go on. There are so many more enjoyable, healthy foods out there than I ever thought there were! This is a look at just one day, but I’m trying to switch things up all the time, so I hope to do more posts like this soon if you enjoy this one.


Oatmeal with blueberries

I eat oatmeal literally every single day. I can’t imagine anything more soothing in the morning than a bowl of warm oatmeal and a cup of tea. I always buy oatmeal with the highest protein content I can find – look in the health food section of the grocery store, and you can find instant oatmeal made with quinoa, flax, buckwheat, and all kinds of other good stuff. I like to stir a little honey through it and add some blueberries. (They’re not just for the photo!) When you stir blueberries into hot oatmeal, they get all warm and soft and it’s like eating a blueberry crumble.


Arugula and Quinoa Salad

I think quinoa is my new favorite way to make a meal more filling and substantial. It’s packed with protein and nutrients, and it gives such a nice texture and nutty flavor to a salad. I’ve sworn off boring lettuce for good; there are so many better options that will keep you excited at the prospect of eating a salad. (I didn’t think it was possible, either!) Arugula is my favorite right now because it has so much flavor. I top my salad with tomatoes, boiled eggs, and balsamic vinaigrette or Italian dressing. I like to make a batch of quinoa and boil a bunch of eggs at the beginning of the week so that I can just throw together a salad really quickly during the week. If I was bringing this to work with me, I would throw it all together in tupperware and bring it along really easily.


Cod with cabbage

Dinner is the meal that changes the most from day to day. I’m not a great cook, but Joe loves to cook, so he’s always in charge of dinner. A couple weeks ago he discovered that Blue Apron posts tons of their recipes online, so he’s been cooking his way through them with pretty awesome success. This dinner was a bed of cabbage and potatoes with breaded cod. Of course, there were lots of spices and flavors involved, like the lemony onions on top. Who knew we would enjoy eating cabbage?!


Pretty much every afternoon at some point I will hit a wall. When I run out of energy, it happens suddenly, and I have to eat something right away or I literally cannot function. This is the type of low blood sugar that literally makes me feel like I might faint. To combat this, I turn to snacks packed with protein and nutrients. My go-to easy snack when I’m on the go is a kind bar, but lately I’ve been experimenting with making my own energy balls. I used a couple different recipes and then tried my hand at creating my own cinnamony version – and it’s even better than the recipes I used. I just kept throwing more things into the food processor, so I have no idea what quantity of anything I used, but next time I’ll pay attention and share the recipe with you. They’re literally like eating snickerdoodle dough! I also love to snack on almonds, banana chips, pistachios, and dried fruit – try to find some with no sugar added!

What are your favorite healthy meals?


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