October 28, 2016

My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts


I’m pretty addicted to podcasts, mostly because they’re such a nice way to constantly learn and grow while multitasking. I love to listen while driving, cooking, washing dishes, cleaning – really during any somewhat mindless tasks that don’t require too much brain power. Rather than wasting this time on boring stuff that you have to do, use it as a way to learn something new, grow as a person, or just have a really good laugh (my fave).  Here’s a rundown of my 5 favorite podcasts (in order!) and just why I love each of them so much.

Five // “Here’s the Thing” with Alec Baldwin


This podcast has some mixed reviews, but I really can’t understand why. I personally think that Alec Baldwin does a great job of interviewing celebrities in interesting ways, since he has knowledge and experience in creative industries as well. He’s not trying to pry into their personal lives or make them uncomfortable, he just has each of them explain their path to success, which is something that I find so fun and interesting. My favorite episode so far was definitely the interview with Sarah Jessica Parker, for obvious reasons. Another thing that I really enjoy is that a lot of the interviewees are people that I haven’t actually heard of before, so it’s cool to discover their stories.

Four // The Lively Show


If you’re into self-improvement and introspection, you’ll love Jess Lively. I love how calming her voice is; sometimes I’ll listen to old episodes just for the background noise! Jess is all about being your best self, following your intuition, and finding flow and happiness in your life. She conducts a lot of interviews with awesome small business owners and creatives which are so informative and helpful, although these kinds of episodes have been a bit more scarce lately as Jess has been traveling alone and documenting her journey. Definitely go back through the archives and look for the episodes that seem relevant to you, they’re so good!

Three // Ladies Who Lunch


I’ve been watching Ingrid Nilsen’s YouTube videos for years and years, and she honestly just keeps getting better. Ladies Who Lunch is a collaboration with her best friend Cat Valdes, who is also a content creator on YouTube. These two really dig deep into what it means to be a woman; they’re not afraid to tackle the toughest issues and explore taboo topics. It’s comforting to know that other people are experiencing similar problems, and the podcast is so informative; it feels like you’re having a deep conversation with your best friends.

Two // Marriage is Funny


Jessie and Gerard are the best! I’m not even married, but I have learned so much from this podcast and about myself since I became addicted to the show. Jessie and Gerard are so so honest and open about their marriage, which is really refreshing and relatable. They focus their efforts on creating great love, not perfect love. I enjoy their conversations so much, and I constantly find myself laughing out loud while listening.

One // Jules and Sarah the Podcast


If you really want to laugh, this is the podcast for you – this one is not for listening on public transport unless you want people to think you’re crazy. These two honestly just ramble to one another about nothing, but it’s so strangely enjoyable. They constantly discuss their love of cheese, give updates on how their mothers are doing, and read “News From the North,” ridiculous stories from real news outlets in the North of England. My love for them is on another level; I really wish we could be friends in real life!

What’s your favorite podcast? Is there anything I’m missing out on?

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