March 29, 2017

Pattern Play


Mixing Prints | Polished and Pink

Top // Cardigan // Jeans // Similar Sandals

The best way to pattern mix is to focus upon a single color family. Since navy and white is my absolute favorite combination to wear, when I got this polka dot cardigan I knew I had to pair it with something equally classic and cute. My gingham shirt is without a doubt one of the most worn items in my wardrobe, but this is the most fun combination I’ve ever come up with! This is also my favorite recipe for dressing for spring when it’s still freezing cold.

When there’s snow on the ground in March and I’m longing for warmer temperatures, I always resort to white jeans as a great in-between option. They’re bright and springy, but they’re just as warm as typical dark jeans. If it’s truly cold, I’ll pair them with brown booties and a sweater. I love navy and white because again, it looks spring/summery, but you can still add warm layers like this cardigan until it actually gets warm.

Mixing Prints | Polished and Pink

I already mentioned this here, but if jeans are offered in a “short” size, I’ll choose that over “regular” so that they’re more of an ankle length, and I don’t have to roll them up (although that’s a great option that I talked about here!)

Last week, I embarked upon a new healthy lifestyle change that I’m so excited about! I can’t wait to share and to add some fitness content to the blog soon. It’s not something that I’ve always been interested in or motivated to pursue, but this time I’m trying to make changes for the long haul. (Hopefully sharing it with all of you will keep me true to my word…) I already order this book to try and implement some much more healthy but delicious options to my diet. If you’re not familiar with Ella’s blog, you should definitely give it a look.

Joe and I also got our first Blue Apron delivery this week, and we’ve really been loving exploring new foods through the meals we chose! Who knew raw red cabbage could be so delicious if you marinate it in the right things? I’m not sure if we’ll continue with it, but it’s made me want to be even more adventurous with trying other foods.

Unfortunately, I still have one super unhealthy, high-calorie vice that I am never willing to give up. I LOVE craft beer! This weekend, a new little brew pub opened within walking distance of my house. The coolest thing is that one of my best friends studies chemistry, and she has been interning at the brewery and helping to brew the beer! It was so fun to stop by, grab a drink, and see the place.

That’s seriously all we did this weekend, though. I’ve had an insane amount of work to catch up on after being gone for the wedding a couple weeks ago, and I’m still swamped. (Hence, no new blog post again on Friday.) The rest of the weekend was spent at my desk typing away, but thankfully, we were able to squeeze in this quick photoshoot. Oh, and I also made a quick trip to buy a couple new pairs of shoes, and they’re coming to the blog next week. They’re the cutest shoes I’ve ever seen in my life; I think they were literally made for me. So look forward to that!

Mixing Prints | Polished and Pink

Mixing Prints | Polished and Pink

Mixing Prints | Polished and Pink

Mixing Prints | Polished and Pink

What’s your favorite transitional outfit for spring?

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