July 15, 2016

Morphe Haul & First Impressions


I recently gave in to the hype and picked up a few brushes from Morphe. I’ve been trying to recreate amazing cut crease tutorials on YouTube, and I couldn’t get the look right no matter how many times I practiced. I finally determined that I just didn’t have the right eye brushes necessary for that kind of precision work, and decided to pick up a few more affordable brushes for my collection.

DSC_0280The best thing about Morphe brushes is that they are genuinely so inexpensive for the quality. Most of my brushes are from Sigma, and I think that the Morphe brushes appear to be on the same quality level. I can’t say I think they’re the most amazing, must-have brushes in the world, because I’m sure there are some fantastic luxury brushes out there that are much better quality. These do seem to apply makeup beautifully, however, and I am very happy with them so far.

DSC_0266First, I picked up Jaclyn Hill’s beloved M501 brush for applying highlighter. (Currently obsessed with Urban Decay Sin highlighter, it’s so beautiful!) The brush looks like a normal eyeshadow blending brush, but significantly larger. Think somewhere in between a blending brush and a small blush brush.

I honestly think the hype for this brush is completely warranted. I’ve never used a brush that applies highlighter so flawlessly and precisely; I swear this brush somehow makes the highlight look more concentrated. I would HIGHLY recommend picking this one up. This is a natural sable bristle, which is a type of horse hair.

DSC_0272The M430 is a duo-fiber crease brush. I thought I’d give this one a go because I usually find that duo fiber brushes give a really light, soft application of product. I have a nice duo fiber stippling brush that’s great for use with really pigmented blushes, as it prevents you from applying too much color. Unfortunately, the longer white bristles on this brush are actually really stiff, and were honestly somewhat painful when I used this to apply undereye concealer. I haven’t used this for eyeshadow yet, but I don’t have the highest hopes. Those stiff bristles could leave a really harsh, difficult to blend application of shadow, but it’s also possible that it could be great if used without any product to blend out a shadow applied with another brush. I’ll have to do some more testing with this one to find out!


This is the M139, and I LOVE this one. This is a really small, very tapered crease brush. This brush is exactly what was missing from my collection when it came to applying darker shadows precisely into the crease without creating too much of a blown out effect. A larger blending brush distributes the color a bit too much, and you can’t get that beautiful deep dark crease without distributing the color up too far. The way the bristles are tapered really assists in blending the shadow and not leaving the line much too harsh or patchy. Again, this is a sable bristle.


Finally, I picked up a B81 brush. This is a natural hair blending brush with goat and badger bristles. This brush is incredibly soft and so easy to work with, just a good, simple blending brush. Everyone needs a brush like this in their collection, you will honestly use it every single day.


Overall, I’m happy with my purchases, and I’m seriously impressed with the quality that I got for the price. I think these brushes live up to the hype, and I’ll definitely purchase more brushes from Morphe in the future.

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