December 6, 2017

Monthly Melange #2

Um, how the hell is it December?

Welcome to the second installment of my Monthly Melange! Here’s what’s going on lately: 

Despite the fact that I can’t believe it’s already the holiday season, I’m still feeling pretty festive lately (listening to the N*Sync Christmas album as I type this. It’s glorious.).

This past weekend consisted of a very fun holiday party on Friday night, followed by a two-day hangover. This Saturday, we’re hosting our own “friendsmas,” and I’m really hoping not to indulge quite so heavily in wine and eggnog. Oy.

Joe and I have set up our $20 fake Christmas tree, and it’s surprisingly not too shabby looking now that we’ve decked it in lights and the few ornaments that we own. The presents underneath help, too. Thanks, family!

I’m feeling a little unsettled lately because we’ve been traveling so much. We were back home for Thanksgiving for a few days, then four days later made our way down to Baltimore for the Christmas party. Now, we have just three weeks left before we head to Ireland for Christmas!

I want to soak in every second of the holiday season, so I’m making firm plans to spend some extra time on the couch with Christmas movies, Christmas pajamas, Christmas candles, and the Christmas tree.

Now, on to the things I’ve been loving this month!

ONE // The Ordinary

I’m planning to do a whole post about this skincare range, but I’ll touch on in quickly: it’s THE BEST and most affordable skincare!

I’ve had a few products that I’ve been using for about a year, and a couple months ago did another big purchase. After trying the products out for a few weeks, I think I can officially say that the hype is real, my friends.

Every product in the range is under $10, and it’s all based in cool science. Stay tuned for a detailed post about the products I’ve tried, but so far my favorite thing is the foundations.

TWO // Allana Davison

I’ve watched Anna of The Anna Edit on YouTube for years and years, and she recently did a collab video with Allana…and now I’m obsessed with her, too. Don’t you just love finding new internet people to love? I’ve been binge watching all of her videos all week. She is SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL and is ramping up my desire to get my hands on all things Glossier. Why I still haven’t tried anything from the brand, I’m not sure.

I’m really inspired to create a video or two now; would you guys be interested in that? I’m thinking maybe a Christmas makeup tutorial.

THREE // Colourpop

Like Glossier, Colourpop is a beauty brand I’ve had on my wishlist for a while. Their lipsticks and single eye shadows are $5 each, so how could you possibly resist giving them a try?!

I ordered straight from their site, but there’s now also a few products in stock on the Sephora site, which must be so exciting for the brand.

So far, I’ve decided that I adore the matte lippie sticks, the blotted lips are beautiful if you pair them with a lip balm (I think they’re a bit too dry on their own), and the super shock shadows are gorgeous.

The final consensus here is that I need to make a second order asap…I’ve got my eye on a couple of the more matte super shock shadows, a few more colors of the lippie sticks, and I think I need to try the highlighters.

Again, I can do a full post on the bits I picked up if you’re interested; just let me know!

FOUR // Traveling 

Once again, life got pretty crazy in November. The past few weeks have been a complete whirlwind of traveling, and there’s lots more on the horizon with our Ireland trip. (In just two and a half weeks!!) It’s been wonderful, but I’m also craving a quiet weekend at home just relaxing.

Is there any travel-related content you’d like to see on the blog? I’m considering a post on packing a capsule wardrobe in order to maximize suitcase space, even when you’re taking a long trip.

FIVE // Jess’ Gift Guides

Jess has the best gift guides this year! There’s tons of them and each is perfectly curated to fit a different theme. I especially loved the “rose all day” gift guide – how cute! Currently in the process of working on my own gift guides (which will be a lot less elaborate, ha!).

Thanks for reading! Please leave me a comment with any holiday content you’d like to see in the next couple weeks!

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