February 9, 2018

What I Miss About Being Single

Today’s installment of love week is short, sweet, and silly.

I’m not here to preach about the joys of being single, because if you are single, you know it’s not always fun.

However, I think it can be easy to under-appreciate the fun and freedom of single life when it seems like everyone around you is in a happy relationship and it’s the best thing ever.

I thought it might be helpful – and funny – for me to share a few things that I really miss about being single. The answers might surprise you!

Orderly, tightly tucked-in bedsheets.

Being a total slob and not feeling guilty about it.

But if you do clean, no one else is there to mess it up.

Watching whatever you want, whenever you want. No compromises.

No one is paying much attention when you mess up. Or when you buy another pair of shoes.

Making last-minute plans without consulting anyone.

Making bad decisions without someone there to watch and comment on it. (Ahem: shoes. Always shoes.)

Getting ready in the morning without having to be quiet because your partner is asleep.

Falling asleep without the sound of David Attenborough’s voice blaring from the TV because your partner is obsessed with late-night Planet Earth. (If you think his voice is soothing, your boyfriend doesn’t do this.)

Not feeling guilty for taking forever in the shower because someone is waiting for you to watch TV. *eye roll*

Doing simple tasks without being told how to do them right – if I survived before I met you, I think I can take care of myself!

Flirting. God, I miss flirting.

Thanks for reading! What’s your very favorite thing about single life? I want to know!

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