February 5, 2018

How to Love Your Long-Distance Besties

Welcome to love week: my celebration of Valentine’s Day! Over the coming week, I’ll be sharing posts that celebrate love in all its different iterations. Last year, I focused on the importance of loving yourself, and it’s still one of my favorite posts.

Today we’re talking about the love you share with your best friends – even the ones who live far away.

When your best friend lives around the corner, staying in touch is pretty easy and effortless. You can meet for a casual Netflix marathon, go to a workout class together, or hit the town for a boozy brunch. But when your friends live far away, keeping in touch can be really difficult.

With your different schedules and priorities sometimes speaking with your long-distance besties can seem pretty much impossible. In the spirit of love week, here’s a few ways that I like to keep in touch with my best friends and family who live far away.

ONE // Use Empty Time

Commuting is without a doubt the biggest waste of time I can imagine, and usually by the time I get home from work I’m tired and cranky. My friend Emily gave me the idea to use your commute as a time to give the people you love a really quick phone call!

Even if you’re just walking for 10 minutes, you can quickly call a friend to catch up on their day. This could be great if you and your friend commute at the same time, too! If they’re busy during the timeframe when you’d be calling, just text beforehand to say that you’ll be calling, and that you’ll leave them a quick catch-up message.

Other “empty time” is a great opportunity to catch up, too: when you’re doing laundry, cooking dinner, walking your dog…you can get two things done at once, and talking to someone you love will make any chore feel so much more fun.

Easy Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Long Distance Best Friends

TWO // Read Together

My college besties and I just started a book club! Each month, one of us will choose a book for us to read, and then we’ll all skype to talk about it.

I love this idea because you’re kind of getting the same experience as you would if you were to sit next to each other and watch a movie and then talk about it – but you don’t actually have to be close together. (Actually, it would be really fun to do this with a movie or TV show too!)

Each of us is choosing a book that we’ve never read and that we think everyone will enjoy. (It’s also important to discuss everyone’s schedules beforehand, so that you can set a realistic time frame for everyone to finish the book.)

THREE // Snapchat

Ask any of my long-distance friends, and they can tell you that Snapchat is without a doubt my favorite way to keep in touch.

I love it because there’s no pressure. You can just send off a snap of what you’re up to, and your friend doesn’t even need to respond.

I love sending photos of tiny day to day things, like a really great dinner or a really awful commute. It helps you to feel like you know what’s going on in your friend’s life even when you don’t have the time to actually call and catch up.

FOUR // Care Package

What’s more tried and true than an old fashioned care package? When I was going through an extremely hard time last year, my best friend Caroline sent me an incredible care package filled with bath bombs, face masks, chocolate, and other items to encourage me to slow down and take care of myself.

Obviously, getting a care package is awesome, but I couldn’t believe how much it also made me feel connected to her. I sent her a quick snap every time I used one of the items from the package and each time I felt so grateful and happy for our friendship.

Even if it’s just a couple small things, sending a care package will mean so much to your friend, whether it’s for an occasion, or just for no reason at all. What a wonderful way to spread love!

FIVE // Plan a Trip

Ok, so this isn’t always feasible, but if you can plan a trip to see your bestie, it’ll make your time apart feel so much more bearable.

I recently headed down to DC for the weekend to see some friends, and it was so nice to have a low-key time together. We didn’t make plans to try and fit in a ton of activities or see the whole city. We just spent time together talking, cooking, and drinking wine, and it was wonderful.

We’re also planning a big beach trip this summer, which is a really fun thing to look forward to when you’re trying to get through the winter months.

Try to see super far-off friends as an opportunity, not a barrier: you always have somewhere fun to visit, and you don’t have to pay for a hotel!


How do you keep in touch with your long-distance besties? 


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