September 23, 2016

Life Lately


One of my favorite posts to read on other blogs is a roundup of fun, random things that have been happening in the blogger’s life. This could be a funny article, cute Instagram account, recent purchase, etc. I love that these posts don’t have to be so polished and editorial – they’re all about sharing little things that you would share with your best friend. I’d like to start a series here on the blog where I do the same, and maybe provide a little insight into my life and interests.

So, without further ado, here’s what’s been on my radar lately…

One // Old Navy’s Fall Arrivals

I made a few purchases at Old Navy last week, and I was so impressed by what I found in the store that I did a little post about it. I think I’m going to head back there this weekend; there are still so many great, inexpensive items that I want to get my hands on before they’re gone! I’m especially eyeing up this cardigan – it looks so cozy!

Two // Webinars

Last weekend, I took two different webinars designed to help me grow the blog. I learned so much, and I’m working my booty off to implement all the info. If you have a website or small business and you’re interested in some free classes, check out Think Creative Collective and The Nectar Collective.

Three // Catan

If you like Monopoly or other strategy games, you’ll probably like Catan. My boyfriend got the game for his birthday a couple weeks ago, and we’ve been playing constantly. It’s a really nice change from watching TV, which is what we usually do in our free time together, but I will say that we can get a little too competitive with one another. It’s almost funny how personally we take things in the game!

Four // Entourage

Speaking of watching TV, we somehow still found time to watch all eight seasons of Entourage in the past month or so. You guys. I am OBSESSED. I honestly want to go back and rewatch the whole thing right away; I cried like a baby when the last episode was over. This is hands down my new favorite show of all time (and that is a really huge claim). The best way to describe it? It’s like a male version of Sex and the City, focusing on four guys in LA and their friendships. It’s a show with so much heart; I can’t recommend it enough! (Warning: This is show is FULL of bad language, misogyny, and one night stands – it is an HBO show, after all. If any of those really bother you, you probably won’t like it!)

Five // Blogging!

Launching the blog has been incredible! I want to officially thank everyone who has been so supportive over the past couple weeks. I’ve wanted to blog for years and years (and I started on several occasions, with pretty terrible results). This time, I decided to do it for real. I’ve been researching and learning for months, and I’m putting so much time and effort into these posts, learning photography, and creating a great, functional site. Thank you so much for following along, it means the world to me! If you have any requests, suggestions, or comments, please leave them in a comment below, I’d love to get some feedback.

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What’s been on your radar lately?

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