March 31, 2017

4 Life-Changing Beauty Discoveries

Beauty discoveries that actually changed my life (really!)


When it comes to beauty, I’m always searching for the next best thing. These four changes to my beauty routine have genuinely changed my life since I started doing them regularly, and I hope you’ll feel the same if you try them out! 

One // Head & Shoulders

About two years ago I started to develop dandruff that I had never had before in my life. Maybe this is a little bit too much information, but if you’re experiencing the same problem I hope this will help you too! I blame some kind of hormonal change for bringing it on so out of the blue. When it started to get increasingly worse, I started trying every intense remedy I could get my hands on. Every single one of them burned my scalp so badly that it hurt to brush my hair afterward, they all smelled absolutely disgusting, and none of them worked.

Eventually, I picked up the clinical strength version of Head & Shoulders, a brand that I had avoided thinking that it wouldn’t be strong enough to tackle my problem. It honestly worked the first time I used it. I could not believe that something that just smells like nice, normal shampoo could work even better than all the strong chemicals I had tried before. If you have a problem with dandruff, I recommend this so highly. I no longer have to be embarrassed about disgusting white flakes covering my back, and that is truly a life-changing feeling. Those flakes can really steal your confidence, and this shampoo has been a life saver.

Two // Blowouts

For years I’ve struggled to tame my frizzy, wavy hair without much success. It’s hard to look perfectly polished when your hair poufs up enormously whenever you touch it with a brush! Even now, when a hairstylist dries my hair for me, things get crazy poufy very quickly. When I learned how to blow out my own hair, it changed my life forever.

The difference in how confident I feel with smooth, shiny hair is insane. When I blow out my hair I can go without washing it for three days, which drastically cuts down the time it takes to get ready in the morning. I taught myself how to blow out my own hair by watching youtube videos, and once you get the hang of it, it’s really not difficult at all. If you’d like to see an in-depth video on how I do my hair let me know!

Three // Non-disposable Razors

This one is such a no-brainer, but it took me so many years to figure it out! For so long, I used only disposable razors. When I finally tried a real razor with disposable heads…well, it was life changing. Since switching to big girl razors, I haven’t cut myself once. If you’re still using disposable razors, STOP.

Four // Facial Oils

It seems so counterintuitive to put oil on your face, but nothing has changed the quality of my skin as much as the use of oils. I absolutely love using cleansing oils to remove makeup and wash my face at the end of the day. They’re so nourishing, and remove every single bit of makeup without any effort. After cleansing with an oil, I love to moisturize with an oil as well, followed by a traditional cream moisturizer. I really attribute the complete end to my (very mild) acne to the use of oils, and I’ll never go back. Even if you have oily skin, I highly recommend trying out an oil, as the skin typically produces excess oil because it is actually too dry and it is trying to overcompensate!

If you’ve ever discovered a beauty product that changed your life, I want to know about it! Leave me a comment below!

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