January 2, 2017

Irish Picnic

An outfit for exploring Ireland - all you need is tweed and wellies!

Similar Blazer // Turtleneck // Similar Jeans // Boots

On my first trip to Ireland, I was three months old. Ever since then, my family has come home to Tramore, Ireland almost every single year for Christmas – and sometimes in the Summer, too! It’s my absolute favorite place in the world; my grandparents’ house is honestly my dream house. I am so incredibly thankful that my mum comes from such a wonderful place, and that I have gotten to continuously explore my roots by coming back to Ireland every year of my life. So much of who am comes from this incredible country; I hope I can continue coming to visit for the rest of my life – and maybe I’ll even live here for a while someday.

Adventuring in a tweed blazer and Hunter boots in the Comeragh mountains

This year on New Year’s Eve, the whole family piled into the car and set off for the Comeragh mountains for what we call an “Irish picnic.” Because it rains so frequently in Ireland, almost every time you plan for a picnic it will end up being ruined by the weather. The solution? An Irish picnic – eat your picnic in the car! It didn’t rain today, but it was chilly and windy (check out my hair!), so after walking through the mountains for a while, a seat in the warm car with a sausage sandwich was very welcome. (There is absolutely nothing else on this earth more delicious than a real Irish breakfast sausage.)

Even though I’ve had my Hunter boots for three years now, they still never cease to amaze me. You wouldn’t think that a wellie boot could be so special, but they have gotten me through so many bad weather situations and rough terrain. All day, I couldn’t stop telling everyone how much the Scots know what they’re doing when it comes to UK terrain (Ireland isn’t technically part of the UK, but you know what I mean). They’re a classic for a reason, and I couldn’t live without them. The company’s roots in Edinburgh just add to the charm – I want to visit Scotland so bad! (Mostly because I’m absolutely obsessed with the Outlander series. If you haven’t read it, what are you doing with your life?)

How gorgeous is the landscape?! No matter how many times I come to Ireland, I’ll never take these views for granted.

Adventuring Ireland in tweed and Hunters

Gorgeous Comeragh mountains in County Waterford, Ireland

Tweed and wellies are essential for exploring the Irish countryside!

2017 is going to be a strange and bittersweet year. If all goes according to plan, this year I’ll graduate from college, get a real job, and move in with my boyfriend, Joe. That’s a lot of milestones! Right now I’m mostly focused on finding a job…or actually, freaking out that I might not be able to find one. (Anyone have any marketing connections in Philly?)

As much as I’m sick of student life, I’m so sad that I’ll be leaving my undergrad years behind. I can’t imagine not being a student! I’m really looking forward to nights free of homework and test anxiety; but I’ll miss my beautiful campus, my roommates, and all the security that comes from being surrounded by others who know exactly what you’re going through.

I can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring, but I want to cherish every second of the coming few months.

Ireland is so gorgeous!

Hunter boots in the mountains of Ireland

Tweed is an Irish essential!

Windblown in Ireland

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Happy new year! What are your plans for 2017?

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  • You look gorgeous and seeing you wearing your Hunter Wellies makes me very happy, I like to wear my Wellies with a Skirt and Tights and I’ve been wearing them going to work all this week.

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