May 2, 2017

Home Decor Wishlist


This summer, Joe and I are moving into our very first place together and departing from college life (we actually think we officially found the place yesterday!). We don’t have much in the way of attractive furnishings, and we probably won’t for a while since we’re pretty broke at the moment. For as long as I can remember I’ve dreamed about how I would decorate my future home as an adult, and I can’t believe that that’s a reality that’s right around the corner.

I’ve always loved homewares and pretty dishes and teacups, but I’ve never had the budget or the opportunity to really go all out with decorating from scratch. I love basic, essential items that look anything but basic – a well-placed fun detail or different pattern is what my style is all about. I love a classic decor look, but with a mix of eclectic charm that you’d probably find in an 85-year-old British woman’s home – after all, that’s who I think I really am on the inside. Think florals, vintage china dishes, tufted furniture, and lots of classic navy and white. (Please pray that Joe will accept this slightly feminine look without complaints.) Let’s try not to dwell on the fact that we will soon inherit a truly hideous yellow and blue striped couch, along with a whole lot of other strange, mismatched items…

If I had the budget, here’s what I would buy right away for our new little home.

One // Ginger Jars

(Image via Julia’s gorgeous home)

Navy, blue, and white are definitely my favorite color combination when it comes to decorating. Gorgeous oriental-inspired ginger jars add a perfect little touch of color and elegance, and I just think they’re so pretty!

Two // Gold Flatware

(image via)

Love this set, this expensive set, and this affordable set. Also adore these or these gorgeous serving pieces to match! I love gold everything, what more can I say?

Three // Cute Kitchen Utensils

I’m obsessed with this measuring cup, definitely NEED these glasses in pink, these vases are so pretty, these are so unnecessary but so pretty, this cutting board is beautiful, I definitely need monogrammed dish towels, and this heart shaped Le Crueset is to die for. I love to bake so much, and I also adore pretty china and unique little things that add personality to every tiny detail of my life. Filling my kitchen with non-basic basic is an absolute dream, I can’t wait until I can actually justify purchasing ridiculously expensive whisks and cups.

Four // Fun Cushions

(image via)

This shiny fringe is so fun, obviously, love anything blush pink, and this design is so pretty! Joe really doesn’t understand why I need to have so many decorative pillows everywhere (my bed currently holds nine pillows total. He loves to throw them on the floor). I think they can add so much gorgeous color and texture to a room, though, so I plan on covering our couch in them.

Five // Wall Art

(image via)

This wood-framed mirror or this gold framed mirror would be perfect for an entranceway. Love this print in blue and this herbs print for the kitchen, this bobby pin print is adorable, and I love this bookshelf print and this book print! Mirrors are without a doubt the best way to make a tiny space appear larger; let me tell you, our city apartment will undoubtedly be pretty tiny. Art choices can say so much about a person and add so much personality to a space, I think it’s one of the most important and most overlooked decorations!

Six // Pretty Plants & Planters

(image via)

I love these, I wish they weren’t so expensive! Love this cute guy (100% purchasing this one), this fun but minimal geometric pot, and this mint pot is so pretty. I love the idea of having greenery throughout a space, although unfortunately I’m a serial plant killer. Adding life and color to a lackluster city apartment is definitely essential in order to stay inspired.


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