December 7, 2016

Festive Plaid

A cozy, festive look for the holidays! Love a plaid skirt

Similar sweater // Similar scarf // Similar skirt // Tights // Similar boots // Similar bag

I love love love dressing in festive colors and prints in December! There’s nothing quite like a plaid skirt to make you feel so ready for Christmas, and this one is subtle enough that it’s just a slight nod to the holidays – nothing too red and sparkly (that’s coming soon 😉 ).

A few weeks ago, my Fossil watch that I’ve worn every single day for the past three years finally bit the dust. I had just gotten the battery replaced recently, and the hands just stopped working, while the second hand was stuck doing a little twitch back and forth. Super sad, and I think I’ll try getting it repaired, but to be honest I was a little excited, because now I can justify getting a new watch!

I talked my boyfriend into getting me one for Christmas, but I told him we could pick it out together (and find a good sale!). We settled on this one, and since I already knew what I was getting, he didn’t make me wait until Christmas to start wearing it. What a saint; he knows how impatient I am (he always gets his gifts early for every occasion because I get so excited that I can’t wait until the actual day. I’m just waiting for a few deliveries, and then he’ll be getting his gift looong before Christmas. I can’t help myself!).

Anyways, the Kate Spade watch has been the highlight of my week, and I’ve even supplemented it by ordering a couple of little Kate Spade bracelets to go with it. Oops!

Next week starts finals week, the final push before I’m free for an entire month! This Christmas is going to be fabulous; I’m heading to Ireland for two whole weeks, then heading home to Indianapolis with my family for another week, before traveling to see my boyfriend’s family for a few days – and seeing his cousin get married! I cannot wait. I’m the type of girl who listens to Christmas music year-round, so when December hits, I am so happy (think singing Christmas songs incessantly, wearing red lipstick and plaid every day, and baking like there’s no tomorrow).

I’m most excited to see my family in Ireland, we only see them once a year at Christmas, so it’s such a special time for my family. My grandparents’ house in Waterford is my favorite place in the world, and I can’t wait to cozy up by their fire in my festive plaid pajamas (I had my mom get us matching ones, it’s going to be ridiculously cute).

On another note, I cannot believe how gorgeous everything at Old Navy is right now! I haven’t shopped at Old Navy at all since middle school, but this fall and winter I’ve suddenly become obsessed with it. It’s just so affordable, and they’re offering such gorgeous, trendy pieces that I can’t get enough! This skirt was a pretty little holiday find, and there are plenty more coming to the blog soon because I did quite a bit of shopping at Old Navy over the past couple of weeks. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for some inexpensive little things to wear for the holidays, but be aware that there are some different findings in store and online, so it’s worth looking at both!

Pretty, cozy outfit

Perfect plaid skirt for the holidays

Love this sweater!

Cozy look for the holidays

Warm and cozy festive look for the holidays

Love this festive look!

Thank you so much for reading! What are you doing to prepare for the holidays?

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