November 17, 2017

What to Wear for Thanksgiving: Casual & Cozy

What to wear for Thanksgiving: casual & cozy

Behold, the ponte pant!

Betcha didn’t think that a big sweater and leggings could look polished and classy, did ya?

This is my second Thanksgiving outfit post for this year (did you see the first one?), and it’s all about how to be cozy and comfy on Thanksgiving – but still look put together. Duh, looking polished at all times is my goal in life, in case you haven’t figured that out by now.

What to wear for Thanksgiving: casual & cozy

What to wear for Thanksgiving: casual & cozy

Similar Oversized Sweater // Ponte Pants // Similar Flats

So, what the heck are ponte pants? They’re LEGGINGS. Except, they’re also PANTS.

I’ve always been a believer that you can wear leggings as pants, but only in a very casual way, and I usually don’t think it looks very good. For me, it’s always reserved for lazy weekend days and usually includes sneakers.

But ponte pants – we’ll, they’re magical. Essentially, they’re just leggings that are made out of a much nicer, thicker material, and they don’t look like sportswear. And by that I mean I can totally get away with making them look nice enough to wear to work.

Wearing these on Thanksgiving means you’ll look nice and put together for dinner, but you’ll have the flexibility to curl up on the couch after dinner and watch Christmas movies all night. Best of both worlds, right?

I love my dressed-up look from this post, and from last year, but you better believe that the second dinner ends that skirt is being replaced with leggings. Or, even more likely, pajama pants.

What to wear for Thanksgiving: casual & cozy

Obviously, I was going to pair the ponte pants with a pretty little ballet flat…

You guys, I realize that I have a problem. I need to take a trip to ballet flats anonymous or something. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

It’s honestly a travesty that J. Crew doesn’t make the Kiki flats anymore, because they are absolute perfection. Pretty please bring them back so I can buy every single color?

What to wear for Thanksgiving: casual & cozy

What to wear for Thanksgiving: casual & cozy

Grab a big ol’ cozy sweater and throw it on over the ponte pants. The little hole details and slitted sides make the look a tiny bit more interesting. With these pants, I’d suggest any sweater that doesn’t have a tight cuff around the bottom, and that has some kind of little detail, whether it’s a pretty pattern, a fun bell sleeve, or a well-placed bow.

Chic and warm and perfect for enjoying a huge meal with your loved ones – and hiding your food baby with ease.

What to wear for Thanksgiving: casual & cozy

What to wear for Thanksgiving: casual & cozy

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p.s. Here’s my dressy Thanksgiving outfit, and here’s what I wore for Thanksgiving last year.


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