February 3, 2017

Be Your Own Valentine

Be your own valentine

Ugh, I know, you’re single and you’re so sick of hearing this. Please forgive me, but Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday (other than Christmas, obviously). This definitely has a lot to do with the fact that February 14th is also my birthday, so it’s always been my thing. Print hearts onto anything and I promise you I will be all over it. (Speaking of which, HAVE YOU SEEN KATE SPADE LATELY?! Some personal faves are these flats, this coin purse, these pajamas, and this t-shirt. Swooning.)

It kills me that so many people hate a day that is entirely dedicated to celebrating love! What’s better than love? And for that matter, what’s better than loving yourself?! No one else will ever love you the same way that you can love you. But loving yourself doesn’t happen overnight. Just like any other relationship, it takes time and effort. You have to treat yourself right every day, but especially on such a lovely special occasion.

So in the name of all Valentine’s lovers everywhere, here are my top tips on how to be your own Valentine – whether you’re single or not this February.

One // Watch a chick flick

My boyfriend is such a party pooper when it comes to chick flicks. He’s just not a fan and he refuses to indulge my love for romantic comedies. Since we spend so much time together, there is a serious lack of girly movies in my life.

I’m convinced that chick flicks are genuinely good for my soul; I always laugh and cry and I never want the movie to end. You know that feeling when your heart is just swelling up with love and emotion? Rom Coms do that to me. (is that embarrassing?)

If you’re single take advantage of this time when you can do all the girly things you want without judgment (especially shopping. Boy does he hate shopping). I watched Bridget Jones’ Baby on a plane recently and it was absolutely wonderful; I highly recommend you put it at the top of your list.

Two // Take yourself on a date

Who says you can’t go see La La Land by yourself? Or try out that cute new cafe?

This is something that I want to get better at this year. I don’t enjoy spending vast amounts of time alone, but I think an essential part of self-love is enjoying alone time a bit more. I definitely need to take some quality time for myself – not just laying in bed alone with my laptop, but real quality time outside of the house. Instead of feeling sad when I don’t have anyone to spend time with, I’m going to try and haul myself off of the couch and go do something fun with just me!

Three // Cook just for you

I love good food as much as the next girl, but if I’m eating dinner alone I’m sure as hell not putting any time or effort into cooking myself a meal. If I don’t have my chef of a boyfriend around to make dinner I usually end up eating dry chicken or something gross that came out of the microwave. If I’m cooking for both of us, though, I actually try to throw together a decent meal. Why don’t I do that for myself?! I’m important too!! Don’t skimp just because you’re eating by yourself and it “doesn’t really matter.”

If cooking is not your thing (it’s not really my thing either), just order yourself a dang pizza. You deserve it!

Four // Wear pretty undies

Why do we tell ourselves that underwear doesn’t matter since no one but you is going to see it? Have we not learned that power of pretty undies?! If you haven’t been clued in yet, I’ll let you in on the secret. Pretty undies have magical powers that increase your confidence and make you ten times taller and more empowered. No one else will know where your new attitude came from, it’ll be your little secret between you and you.  And don’t forget about pretty pajama sets, too!

Five // Treat yo’ self

I’ve sung the praises of buying yourself gifts in the past, and I’ll say it again. Treat yo’ self to a little something nice every once in a while! It can be anything from an expensive pair of shoes to a cheap drugstore lipstick, but the important thing is that you’re buying it just for you. If you’d buy little presents for a loved one, why wouldn’t you buy them for yourself?

What’s your favorite way to celebrate your own fabulous self?

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